We are accepting applications for highly enthusiastic and motivated graduate and undergraduate students for both computational (“dry”) and experimental (“wet”) biology projects in genetics and genomics!
Please contact Dr. Craig Nelson with inquiries.

Some of our research techniques include:
Embryonic mouse dissection, single-cell RNA sequencing, laser-capture microdissection, qPCR, molecular cloning, in situ RNA hybridization, immunohistochemistry, fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry and cell sorting, and cell culture.

We process and analyze our data using a variety of software, including R, Python, JMP, and Cytoscape. Whole-transcriptome sequencing is “big data”, and our analysis methods are constantly evolving. Finally, we are looking to share our findings by developing interactive web pages and tools to allow user-friendly exploration of single-cell transcriptional data.

Combined fluorescent immunohistochemistry and single-molecule in situ hybridization showing SOX2 protein expression (green) and Sox2 mRNA expression (red). Blue: Cell nuclei